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How to Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are very common and can have a significant impact on your life. All sports have some risk of injuries, and prevention is the best strategy.

I will describe here the most common sporting injuries from minor to severe categories and how to deal with them.

1. Muscles aches and Fatigue

If you have recently started a game or playing with more intensity, then this is the first thing you will feel. If you ignore it, it can lead to more serious consequences.

Remember that it’s all about your stamina. Your body and muscles need time to adjust, and if you keep pushing your body over the limit, you are at risk of serious injury.

Prevention is simple; build your stamina slowly over a period of time. Reduce the frequency of your sporting activity like twice weekly or on alternate days. Do muscle relaxation physiotherapy and keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. If symptoms do not settle, contact us.

2. Muscle Strains

During sudden movements, stretching, or jumping, your muscles can get extra load and develop small tears in their fibers. This can be painful and lead to swelling and weakness. If not treated properly, it can cause further injury, weakness, and ultimately affect your performance.

To prevent this injury, warm-up before starting the game; avoid extreme stretching and sudden jumps or turns. If during the game, you develop this problem, take a break, cool down the body, and apply some ice packs and rest. If the condition doesn’t resolve or get worse in the coming days, get in touch with us.

3. Ligament sprains and tears

Ligaments are tissues that connect two bones or joints together. They are powerful. During the sports, high energy impact/ tackle and falls can lead to ligament injury. You might not notice it immediately, but within hours joint can become painful, swollen, and eventually, you will not be able to run or use the joint properly. The most common ligament injuries are ACL in the Knee joint. Other Large joints such as Should, Elbow, Hip, and ankle joint ligaments are also get damaged frequently.

Prevention is to strengthen your muscles, learn techniques of running, and proper stretching and use of protective equipment. If you suspect a ligament injury, you should immediately contact our best orthopedic doctor in Lahore for proper treatment. If neglected, these injuries can lead to damage to the joint and, ultimately, arthritis in joints.

4. Dislocation of Joints

When a joint completely comes out of its space, it’s called Dislocation. This is a serious injury for a joint. The most commonly affected joint is Shoulder, followed by Ankle, Elbow, Hip, and knee. Small joints in hands and feet can also be dislocated and cause serious problems.

For any dislocated joint, you should get the immediate expert help of our orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. Treatment can be as simple as bed rest for a few days, or you might need early surgery to get your joint back to its normal health.

5. Bone Fractures

These can be stress fractures when a bone gets weak due to excessive activity without any rest and ultimately breaks. It leads to pain and swelling, and you can’t play sports anymore.


Fractures can be sudden after a sporting accident, and this can be a serious injury.

Prevention is very important. Always use safety gear, avoid extreme sports,  get proper training before starting any sports.

If you have sustained any bone injuries, do not ignore and immediately go for proper treatment with sports orthopedic surgeons.

Dr Bilal

Dr Muhammad Bilal High qualified orthopedic Surgeon and Doctor in Lahore Pakistan, with 15 years of experience in the industry and training from one of the top medical colleges in the UK.

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