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Role of P Injection in Orthopedic | Dr Bilal Orthopedic Surgeon

What is Platelet-rich plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a part of your own blood that promotes healing when injected. It contains special elements that help in the clotting of blood and also support cell growth. We produce this PRP by separating plasma from the blood through special machines. This increases the concentration of platelets in the sample by 5-10 times. PRP is autologous, which means it comes from your own blood


By injecting this PRP into damaged tissues, your body will grow new, healthy cells and help in healing. All over the world, PRP is successfully used for a wide variety of problems. While at some areas PRP has proven efficacy but in other areas, it has no benefit so it’s always recommended to discuss with orthopedic specialist Dr Muhammad Bilal for the best results of PRP.

Where we use PRP?

This procedure has wide applications in the field of Orthopedic and sports medicine. For example

  • Acute ligament injuries;
    • Knee ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL 
    • Ankle Deltoid Ligament, lateral ligament complex 
    • Elbow medial and lateral ligaments  
  • Inflammation of tendons;
    • Elbow ( Tennis elbow, Golfer Elbow)
    • Knee ( Quads Tendonitis, Patellar Tendonitis)
    • Hip ( Labral tears, Trochanteric bursitis, Piriformis syndrome)
  • Arthritis of all major joints but only in early stages
  • Fracture treatment
    • If any fracture shows signs of delayed healing or nonunion PRP can be helpful in achieving complete healing of bones

What’s the process of PRP?

The First 15-20cc of your blood is drawn and put into the centrifugal machine for 5 minutes twice at an interval of a few minutes. Then our best orthopedic doctor in Lahore Dr Muhammad Bilal will give you PRP injection in the clinic or in theatre depending on the indication and joint which need an injection. It’s a day case procedure. Preparation of PRP sample and injection takes about 1-3 hours. It can be injected under local anaesthesia and you can go home immediately after that. It is recommended to do bed rest for a few days to let the PRP work.

What is the cost?

Dr Muhammad Bilal is very economical with his prices and the cost for this procedure starts from 10000.

What are the potential side effects of PRP?

Risks from the injection include;

  • Temporary pain at the injection site for 1-2 days
  • infection
  • tissue damage
  • recurrent symptoms

You can discuss these potential risks with our best orthopedic surgeon, Dr Muhammad Bilal, as well as the steps of how we minimize these risks.

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