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Qualities of a Top Orthopedic Surgeon

1. Surgical skills

Orthopedic surgeons go through an extensive training program to earn the required skills of dealing with different types of fracture and bone problems. Their skill is the most important quality for the success of any operation. You can know that your Surgeon is well trained and master of his field by looking at their Degrees and Certifications.

Each qualification can only be earned by going through structured training and evaluation program and is a solid proof of a surgeon’s knowledge and skill level. You can always ask your surgeon about their training and practical experience and well-trained surgeons will never hesitate to share this information with their patients.

2. Great bedside manners

After expertise and skills, the first thing a patient will notice is the surgeon’s behavior and bedside behavior. Politeness is half the cure for a sick person and a medical professional needs to have empathy and kind heart to keep his patient comfortable through the time of misery and sickness. Respect for patient’s views and dignity must be important for a good orthopedic surgeon.

A good surgeon will never give away his patient’s personal information, maintain their dignity both in clinic and operation theatres, and is available for them during the time of need.

3. Leadership

Good orthopedic surgeons lead a team of health professionals for the successful treatment and recovery of their patients. Leading from the front through example and hard work makes good surgeons great. The orthopedic clinic, operation theatres, wards, and rehabilitation, all these places successful with a good team leader and orthopedic surgeons learn these qualities during their training.

A surgeon’s good work can be ruined by a single bad member in the team which could be bad nursing behavior or poor physiotherapy technique. Therefore a good leader keeps his team even better and trains them alongside him for the best performance of the whole team.

4. Up to date with current knowledge and techniques

Orthopedic is an ever-evolving field. New techniques and gadgets are always coming up to help patients. A good orthopedic surgeon will never stop learning and always aware of new developments in his field which helps his patients.

Arthroscopy ( camera or minimally invasive surgery of joints), Joint replacements, Sports injuries are ever-evolving fields and our best orthopedic surgeon Dr. Muhammad Bilal has the latest state of the art training from best institutions of both Pakistan and England. He offers the latest Arthroscopic surgeries which only a few doctors in Pakistan perform.

5. It’s not all About money

All medical professionals take an oath to serve the ailing humanity and should do this without any desire of money and rewards. Private practice should not be only money earning area. Giving honest advice and offering only those investigations/procedures which are absolutely necessary, is a sacred duty of a medical professional. All good orthopedic surgeons follow this rule and help their patients.

Dr Bilal

Dr Muhammad Bilal High qualified orthopedic Surgeon and Doctor in Lahore Pakistan, with 15 years of experience in the industry and training from one of the top medical colleges in the UK.

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